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Women Of Hope

We are excited to announce our newest outreach

Ladies G.I.G. (Growing in God)

POM is expanding our outreach through additional outdoor opportunities within the POM Women of Hope Ministry! 

G.I.G. will be providing ministry opportunities to female veterans as well as female youth and adults with disabilities through outdoor recreational therapy and one on one ministry opportunities in the outdoors! This is a very much needed aspect of our ministry as there are so many female veterans and women with disabilities needing the healing, Hope, and restoration that comes when you combine a love for Jesus Christ with a passion for the outdoors! It’s Therapeutic! 

Please see the flyer below and contact Tangie Abts Beard or Kristen Kelley for exciting details of how you can get involved! 

Please share this and tag women who may want to get involved! 



Tangie Beard 417-214-9750


Kristen Kelley 918-314-9743


First Annual Crossbow Deer Hunt


On October 25th through 27th, Peterson Outdoors Ministries held their first annual female veteran crossbow deer hunt. This is the only event of it’s kind in the area. The Ladies G.I.G. (Growing in God) group of women are committed to sharing the love of Christ with others by using God’s great outdoors to open up opportunities to help veterans and others with disabilities or severe illnesses. 

As with any POM event, the hunt is secondary. Our goal is always to bring hope and share the message of Christ to those who may not know Him. 

There were two veteran hunters in attendance. One, Cheryl Case, is from the northwestern part of Missouri and the other, Jenifer Mann, is from Oklahoma. They both served in the Army.


This event was an all female event and five women volunteer guides helped with the hunt. There were many other volunteers who helped make this event happen!

There are so many things that happen during an event. The actual hunting part is only a small portion of the weekend. The hunters came in on Friday afternoon and stayed through noon on Sunday. When they arrived we had them sight in their crossbows and then enjoyed and evening of food, fellowship and devotion time. Connecting with the veterans and getting to know them is an important part of each event. Staying up late and visiting is always part of the fun. Saturday morning we were up early to enjoy breakfast and prayer time before heading to the blinds. In the blinds we are able to connect more with the participants. Neither hunter took a deer that morning so it was back to the lodge for lunch and more fellowship time. 

Saturday afternoon we headed back out to try again. One of the hunters was able to connect with an 8-point buck that evening, which led to an evening of cleaning the deer. 

Later in the evening, we had one lady give her life to Christ, which was an amazing part of the weekend. 

Sunday morning came early and the decision was made to not hunt on Sunday morning. We had Sunday worship and a short message to start the day, followed by a delicious brunch put together by some of the ladies from the POM Women’s Ministry. Then, to cap off the weekend, we had the blessing of going to the beach area and baptizing our friend who gave her life to Christ the night before. 

That is what this ministry is all about. It’s never about the hunt. The hunt is just a tool to spread the love of Jesus. We are here to support, love and serve those who have served.

This is just one of the many types of activities that the Ladies G.I.G. has available to female veterans. 

The dates have already been set for the 2020 hunt. If you are a female veteran and are interested in the crossbow hunt or another type of outdoor activity, please contact Tron Peterson and he will get you in touch with one of our female G.I.G. leaders.

If you are interested in donating to help POM continue to serve those who have served please locate the donate button on this website. Thank you for your support!