Peterson Outdoors Ministries / Lodge of Hope

Standards of Use for all POM/LOH Grounds (property), Facilities (inc. House and Lodge)

                                        Peterson Outdoors Ministries

                                                        Lodge of Hope

Standards of Use for all POM/LOH Grounds (property), Facilities (inc. House and Lodge), Wildlife (inc. hunting & viewing) and Fisheries (inc. fishing and lake use)  

Any individual or organization Utilizing POM/LOH Facilities or its Property must abide by and conform to all rules, policies and regulations. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of use of said property and facilities and will result in parties being asked to leave premises. The event participant shall be responsible to make immediate family members, guests, vendors and other concerned parties aware of and abide by all policies and regulations. 

All property access must be coordinated with POM prior to access.


Event Participants hereby assumes all responsibility for the safety and welfare of guests. User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless LOH/POM, its officers, employees and representatives, for any and all injuries, property damage or loss sustained by participants or their guests during events or during any access to property or facilities. Such indemnification includes, but is not limited to, all claims arising out of or asserted to have been caused by POM/LOH negligence, or the negligence of any officer, volunteer or representative of POM/LOH.

Children are to be under adult supervision during entire time. POM/LOH does not provide a room for childcare or baby-sitting, participants attending any POM event will be responsible for childcare during said event unless other arrangements are made with POM prior to event.


POM/LOH shall be held harmless from all claims arising out of the participant’s use of the facility or property. The Participant assumes full responsibility for theft, loss or damage to any materials and equipment brought to POM/LOH by the participant and their guests. POM/LOH is not responsible for any damage to or loss of materials and equipment placed in POM/LOH prior to, during or following an event. 



All property and facility access must be arranged/approved by POM. Team Leaders accessing LOH property will need to check in with a member of the POM Board.


All Decorations and Décor will be handled by POM Team Leaders overseeing that area of events.


The Lodge kitchen is set up to provide meals for POM events, any other use thereof must be pre-approved by POM.

Appliances, cookware, bake ware, cooking utensils, microwave, coffee pots, are provided. POM/LOH also furnishes plastic trash containers and trash bags.

Guests utilizing POM/LOH kitchen equipment and supplies are responsible for cleaning and returning items to the proper location(s).

The kitchen must be swept and scrubbed (brooms and mops are provided). The User is responsible for clearing tables and removing all garbage and leaving the kitchen in order.


We depend on the Efforts of our volunteer’s to put the facility back in order and ready for the next event, please consider staying after an event ends to help with this need.


Tent Camping can be arranged during POM events, location of tent camping area will be at the discretion of POM.


Tables, chairs and picnic tables are available for use. If they are moved, it is the responsibility of the User to put them back where they were found.


There is adequate electric hookup for music/worship. Placement of music and volume will be determined by the POM.


No Alcohol/Illegal Drugs are permitted at POM/LOH. Anyone found with alcohol/Illegal drugs will be asked to leave.


Smoking/tobacco use is ONLY permitted outside the POM/LOH structures. Due to fire restrictions and the potential for fires, we ask that all cigarette butts be put into the water buckets provided. Please don’t spit on the walkways or decks.


Use of POM/LOH equipment is prohibited except by POM. 


Because POM/LOH facilities are located in a rural area, we do have deer and other types of wildlife. Please do not attempt to feed, capture nor harass any of the wild game. It is the responsibility of the User to be sure that all trash is picked up/removed.


 Campfires are permitted only in the designated area, and only with POM/LOH  permission. No fires are to be left unattended, and must be properly extinguished.

 Service animals are permitted at the POM/LOH facilities. Please respect the service animals and their handlers

 Vehicles will be parked in designated areas only.

 Use of recreational vehicles must be pre-approved by POM/LOH representative, and will have to stay in designated areas when on POM/LOH premises.

 Golf cart and UTV’s are ONLY to be used by POM/LOH designated drivers. No exceptions.

 Please report any malfunctions of facilities or damage to the POM/LOH as soon as possible.

 We are able to accommodate RVs. Please inquire before arrival with POM.

 Hiking and ATV use restricted to current trails and subject to use by POM discretion.

 Fishing and swimming access to the 35 acre lake will be at the discretion of POM. All Fisheries Regulations will be observed. (Catch and Release only unless otherwise specified)

Hunting is reserved for POM/LOH Events Only

POM/LOH Facilities and property may be used by supporting ministries and groups at the sole discretion of POM. These supporting groups and ministries will adhere to all of the above guidelines and standards set forth by the POM Board of Directors and meet the following Mission and Scope of Ministry as set forth by POM.

All Property and facility use must meet the mission and scope of ministry of POM

POM Mission and Scope of Ministry is to provide outdoor recreational therapy to injured and recovering veterans and their families as well as youth and adults with disabilities or terminal illness.  We do that through faith based events that provide an avenue for those who attend to hear the gospel of Christ and invite them to have a relationship with Him as well as ministering to their families when they attend. 

These events at the POM/LOH property include but are not limited to:

Volunteer training

Annual Deer Hunt

Annual Duck Hunt

Annual Chaplain Turkey Hunt

Multiple small group fishing days

First Responder Events

Adaptive Water Sports TBD

Reboot Combat Recovery Retreat

Individual/Family personal counseling

The Possibilities are endless

POM also offers many off site events as we continue to disciple those who come through our ministry as we build deeper relationships with them. 

Any and All events utilizing POM/LOH property and facilities must meet the mission and scope of ministry of POM.

Any Questions or concerns regarding this document can be directed to: or by email